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Symposium Location

The city of Patras is located in the NW Peloponnese, 213km west of Athens. It is the capital of the prefecture of Achaia, the largest city in the Peloponnese and the third largest in Greece. Patras is Greece’s “Gate to the West”, it’s harbour connecting the whole country with the ports of Western Europe. The city’s history can be traced back to the second millennium B.C. and the Mycenean civilizations, but it is during the 19th Century that the city flourished and became an important centre of commerce. Patras is interesting and attractive with archaeological sites and neoclassical buildings blending with modern residences and commerce. Places worth seeing in Patras include the Fortress, the Roman Odeon, the archaeological and folklore museums, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, the Municipal Theatre and Gallery, and Achaia Clauss winery. Today, the city is an important cultural centre where the University plays a leading role.



Travel to Patras

Patras can be reached by air through Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) and by boat from Italy.

By air to Athens International Airport

Patras can be reached by air through Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos)

Once arriving at the airport, you can take a taxi (yellow-coloured) or city bus to Athens intercity bus station (KTEL) in Kifisos Central Bus station (bus number X93)

(the taxi fare is about 30 € and the Bus fare is 5 €)

Buses run to Patras almost every half hour from 6am to 9:45pm (the one-way bus fare is approximately 18.90 € and two-way bus fare is approximately 34 € ).

All further information regarding itineraries can be provided through the following link:

The journey lasts approximately 3 hours.

On arrival at Patras bus station you can take a taxi (maroon-coloured) to your hotel.


By ferry from Italy to Patras

If travelling from Italy, you can take a ferry from Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, Trieste or Venezia to the port of Patras.

Ship schedule can be found in the providing site:

More Information on travel to Patras can be found at:



Passports and Visas

A valid passport or identity card is required for all travel from EU countries. The Visa entry requirements for Greece vary according to your country of origin. Please contact your local Embassy or Consulate of Greece for further information.


Personal Invitations

If you require an official letter of invitation to attend the Symposium, please contact the Secretariat. This letter does not represent any commitment on part of the organizers to provide financial support.


Specific Information

The official time in Greece is GMT +2hrs.
The electricity supply is 220V 50Hz AC. The electricity supply in Greece is alternating current, 220 volts, 50 cycles. Appliances for 110 or 120 volts may be operated by using step-down transformers of 220/110 volts connected to each outlet, provided that these transformers have two separate windings which will eliminate any danger of electric shock.


National Holiday

March 25


Average Temperatures in March: 58o F - 15o C


Insurance: The Symposium organizers cannot assume responsibility for injuries or losses occurring to persons or personal belongings during the Symposium. Therefore, participants are advised to take out travel and health insurance.


Traffic Rules

Traffic and signaling are the same as on the European continent, which means driving on the right hand side of the road. Passing on the right side is strictly prohibited. Drivers and passengers must wear safety belts. Special care should be taken in Greece when crossing unguarded level railway crossings. Mobile phones are not permitted while driving.


Tips on Driving

Speed limits are 100-120 km/h on highways unless otherwise posted; 50 km/h in residential areas unless otherwise posted.


Driver's License

Visiting foreign motorists should possess an international driver's license. The AAA in the US and the CAA in Canada, will issue an international driver's license. Please read countries rules/regulations prior to travelling.


ELPA Road Assistance Service

ELPA road assistance service can be reached by dialing 104.Free assistance is provided for light repairs and is rendered by the ELPA yellow vans bear the sign: Assistance Routiere A.T.C. ELPA. Also, the Automobile and Touring Club of Greece provides all possible information to foreign motorists regarding driving in Greece, by dialing 10400 (24 hours service)


Health regulations

No immunization vaccinations are required for European Union, U.S. or Canadian citizens traveling form Europe, the U.S. and Canada.


Currency & Exchange

The National currency is the Euro. Banks in Patras open from 08:00 to 14:00pm Monday to Thursday, and 08:00 to 13:30pm on Friday. Exchange bureaus can be found in Athens International Airport and the city of Patras.

Specific note: Due to the fact that the Symposium is going to be held during weekend it is suggested for the passengers to have currency to Euros from the bureau offices in the International Airport in Athens.


Symposium Centre

The Symposium will take place in the Conference and Cultural Centre which is situated on the campus of the University of Patras. The University itself is about 8km from Patras city centre. The Conference Centre comprises a main hall of 1080 seats, a 250 seat auditorium, four halls for parallel meetings, four seminar halls, a 200m2 hall for multiple use, and a two-level reception/exhibition area. The Centre is fully audio-visually equipped. More information can be found at:



All accommodation bookings must be made by the participants themselves. A list of selected hotels of A, B and C categories at various proximities to the Conference and Cultural Centre will be available on the Symposium website from 1st September 2013.



Unfortunately, funding is not available to assist those wishing to attend the Symposium. Participants will have to find sources of funding from their own countries and institutions.



The official language of the Symposium is English


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