Michalis Petropoulos

"The cult and the use of Water in ancient Greece and in ancient Patras"


Michalis Petropoulos born in Athens (1949). Education: a. Β.Α. in Archaeology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), (1972). b. PostgraduateStudies in Roman Archaeology, Ludwig Maximillians Universität, München (Scholarship of the D.A.A.D., Germany), (1980). c. Ph.D. in Archaeology, University of Ioannina (Greece), (1993).

Career: 1972 to 2010: Archaeologist of the Ministry of Culture in Attica, Epirus, Achaia, Cephalonia, Aetolia, Acarnania and Arcadia. Director of the 6th Ephorate of Prehistoric and classical Antiquities of Patras (1999-2006) and 39th Ephorate of Prehistoric and classical Antiquities of Arcadia (2006-2010). 2005 onwards: Director of the Greek excavation at Sibari (South Italy). 1998 to 2010: contracted professor of Archaeology at the University of Patras, Department of Philology. Visiting professor in graduate courses in the Universities of Athens, Ioannina and various Italian Universities. Organizer of Local and International Scientific Congresses. Member of 13 Greek and Foreign Scientific Societies. Over 50 lectures in Greece and Foreign Countries. Retirement in 2010 with the title of Ephor Emeritus of the Greek Ministry of Culture.


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